Bivy Bag

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Helsport Bivy Bag bivipussi on kätevä hätämajoite vuorilla ja tuntureilla. Pussi pitää sinut suojassa elementeiltä kun odottelet parempaa keliä tai pelastuspartiota.

An emergency bivy bag should always be a part of your backpack because of the safety it provides if the weather gets bad and you need shelter. It is also suitable to pull over you when eating lunch and the wind is strong or if you need fast cover under a short downpour.

With its easy construction and robust details the windsack is a must have in your backpack for when the weather surprises you.

Two velcro vents in the front can be used as a window if you need to check on the environments outside. Along the side there are eight attachement points for trekking poles or ski poles so you can use it as a windbreaker or as a simple ski sail.

  • Size: 215x145 cm
  • 2 velcro vents can be opened for a view or ventilation
  • 8 eyelets to attach to skis or poles
  • Weight 540g