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Patriot 15


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Uswe Patriot 15 on huippu hyvin selässä pysyvä selkäpanssarilla varustettu pyöräilyreppu. Uswe Patriot 15 hienous piilee Uswen 4-piste kiinnityksessä, joka tehokkaasti pitää repun paikoillaan ja estää repun heilumista.

Huom! Kuvissa olevat pumput ja muut tarvikkeet eivät kuulu mukaan pakettiin, vaan ovat ostettavissa erikseen.

This bounce free back protector backpack is made for the adrenaline mountain biker. The Patriot™ 15L protects both your back and your gear when bombing the steepest hills or shredding the roughest terrain. This pack gives you total confidence with its multi-compliant CE-certified SAS-TEC™ central back protector (SC-1/CB52) made of flexible viscoelastic foam with memory effect that returns to its original shape after impact or deformation.

With its lightweight design, 15 liters of cargo space including 12 smart storage pockets in total and attachment points for your helmet and body armor, the Patriot™ 15L keeps you fully prepped and protected without cramping your style. Our award winning NDM™ 4-point harness system secures the load on your back with a bounce-free and optimized fit. Shoulder pressure is minimized by suspension straps, while the elastic chest straps allow full body movement and breathing capacity.

A smart attachment system secures your helmet and pads to the pack. Tools, bars, and a first-aid kit fit inside the organizer compartment. And of course, this pack is hydration compatible (bladder not included). 


Because the Patriot™ 15L is so damn good, some crazy people might think it will protect and support them if they happen to fall out from an airplane. But nope! We definitely don’t say it will protect you in that odd situation. But we do say, this back protector backpack will serve you perfectly when you ride your mountainbike, but also offroad motorcycle and alpine skies.


  • 100% Bounce Free
  • Patented & Award Winning Technology
  • Super stretch that supports your breathing capacity
  • Allows you the freedom to move
  • Multi size function
  • Best looking design [some bragging]
More Information
Pack type Protector Backpack
Activity Mountain Biking, Off-road Motosports, Alpine Skiing
User Unisex
Pack Weight 858g (*Incl. protector)
Dimensions 50L / 24W / 17D (CM)
Total Volume 15L
Hydration Capacity 3,0L / 100 oz (Not Included)
Harness System NDM™ Race Harness
Fits Torso M - XL (84 - 110 cm / 33 - 43")
Back Panel Ventilated back panel with foam ridges
Shoulder Straps Solid shoulder straps with ergonomic form-fit
Chest Straps Straps with Stretch Support that allow normal breathing capacity and your freedom to move
Back Protector Integrated CE-certified SAS-TEC™ central back protector (SC-1/CB52). The protector is removable
Phone Pocket Water resistant Phone Pocket at the back. Inner size: 8 - 16 cm
Organizer Pocket Keeps your tools and gear in safe position
Quick Stash-Pocket Stash or shed a layer or rain shell
Key & Card Pocket Zippered pocket for keys and credit cards
Cargo Compression Keeps your gear close to your body for better balance and increased pack stability
Gear Attachment Points Helmet and Armor Carry: Stow and secure a full-face helmet, knee and elbow pads
LED-Light Attachment Easy and secure attachment for bike LED-light
Reflective Points Visual reflective points: Front & Back
Helmet Handsfree Compatible No
Action Camera Harness Compatible Yes