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Huippukätevä sondi jossa on sekä ääni että valotunnistin piippareille. Tunnistin tekee sondaamisesta huomattavasti luotettavampaa ja varmempaa perinteiseen "mutu"-tuntumaan nähden. Kyljessä on myös kätevä mitta-asteikko ja nopea lukitus varrelle.
  • The iProbe is automatically switched on when deployed and tensioned and automatically switched off when tension is removed.
  • to every transmitting beacon (according to standard EN300718).        
  • Probe tip with integrated receiver locates every avalanche transmitter     
  • Time saving through automatic sleep-mode of PIEPS beacons with iProbe-support.       
  • Beacons with iProbe-Support: PIEPS PRO BT, PIEPS POWDER BT, PIEPS MICRO BT sensor/button, PIEPS DSP Pro Ice, DSP Pro, DSP Sport, PIEPS DSP (ab Softwareversion 5.0), PIEPS DSP Tour, PIEPS Freeride
  • Special Kevlar Cable Pull System for extra stability and easy extension
  • Quick-closing latch for reliable locking and efficient assembly of the probe
  • Centimeter scale for reading burial depth and as centimeter measurement for snow profiles
  • Compact fixable with elastic closure buckle
  • Space saving collapsible
  • Tubes: 5 I 6 I 7
  • Tube diameter (mm):  12,50
  • Length (cm):  220 I 260 I 300
  • Probing-length (cm, mechanical + electronical) : 270 I 310 I 350
  • Weight (g):  390 | 430 I 470
  • Power supply:  1 Alkaline battery (AA)
  • Battery lifetime (min. h) : 125
  • Approaching range (m):  ca. 0,5 - 2
  • Targeting range: max. 50 cm to 0 cm
  • Receiving frequency (kHz): 457
  • Temperature range: -20°C bis +45°C