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Black Diamond

Spinner Leash

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Black Diamond Spinner Leash teknisiin hakkuihin tuleva karkuremmi. Monelta hakun pudotukselta pelastava leash teknisille jäähakuille. Leash pyörii ympäri, joten hakkujen lyöminen ristiin ei aiheuta kierrettä leashiin.

For hard, technical alpine climbing where you want to climb leashless but can't risk dropping a tool, the Black Diamond Spinner Leash provides a simple and secure solution. This lightweight elastic tether system stretches for maximum reach and the steel mini-clips keep your tools securely connected to your harness. A built-in swivel ensures tangle-free climbing.

  • Proprietary elastic webbing stretches for maximum reach and absorbs less water than nylon
  • Steel mini-clip attaches to the tool’s spike or head
  • Built-in swivel ensures tangle-free use
  • Rated to 2 kN

Weight :  90 g
Strength :  2 kN (450 lbf)