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Trofeo Plus


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ATK Trofeo Plus on erinomainen touringside, joka keveytensä ja hyvän säädettävyytensä puolesta on varteenotettava vaihtoehto kaikille grammanviilaajille jotka haluavat nauttia kevyellä jalalla hiihtohommista. Siteeseen on saatavilla lisäosana myös jarruja (R15), joilla saat tästä siteestä myös kisakelpoisen (Kisasäännöt muuttuivat jarrujen osalta kaudelle 21/22).

Paino: 145g

Have you ever dreamed about a such lightweight and solid binding, able to erase any distance between you and the steepest lines in the Alps?
TROFEO PLUS brings the versatility of Trofeo to a higher level, widening the range of uses to the Speed Touring category.
Lightness and structural solidity combine together to offer unmatched performances, giving substance to the highest aspirations of skiers!

TROFEO PLUS is sold in 4 different versions of fixed Vertical (My) and Side (Mz) release values; while purchasing. It is possible to choose between:

– “TROFEO PLUS 4”: VERTICAL and SIDE release value fixed on 4.
– “TROFEO PLUS 6”: VERTICAL and SIDE release value fixed on 6.
– “TROFEO PLUS 8”: VERTICAL and SIDE release value fixed on 8.
– “TROFEO PLUS 10”: VERTICAL and SIDE release value fixed on 10.

SPEED KIT INCLUDED ( +59 gr): Kevlar® Leash ( SBC02), SRA Crampons Slot and R01 Adjustment Plate are included in the binding.

OPTIONAL SKI BRAKE: Touring ski brake (R15), Available in several different sizes to perfectly fit your skis


  • Easy Entry System®: new geometry of the toe parts elements that makes the step-in easy and confident with any tech boot available on the market, even in case of worn out soles.
  • Monolink® Technology 1.0: the left arm of the toe part is fix, provides a weight reduction of 2,5 grams per toe part and improves stiffness. Lower pressure on the locking system with higher performances.
  • A simple, race-style, heel flap provides 3 walking modes: FLAT MODE, +37 mm and +45 mm by turning the heel of 180°.
  • Item Code: PTTR+
  • Codice prodotto: PTTR+
  • Materials:Alu 7075, Stainless Steel, POM
  • Materiali :Alu 7075, Acciaio Inossidabile, POM
  • Release 4,6,8,10
  • Sgancio 4,6,8,10
  • Optional Ski brake : Touring ski brake (R15)
  • Ski Brake Accessorio: Touring ski brake (R15)
  • 4 Versions Available: Trofeo 4*, Trofeo 6, Trofeo 8, Trofeo 10
  • 4 Versioni Disponibili: Trofeo 4*, Trofeo 6, Trofeo 8, Trofeo 10
  • Speed Kit Included
  • Speed Kit Incluso