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Black Diamond Size Charts



Recommended Sizing Method

Place a blank piece of paper flat on the ground, against the edge of a wall. Stand barefoot on the paper, with your heel to the wall. Since it is important to stand up straight, preferably have someone help you draw a line in front of the longest toe. Remember to measure both feet as they might not be identical. With a ruler, measure the distance from the edge of the paper to the mark and add additional space according to the list below.

Additional space

  • Hiking, Biking, Running, and Approach footwear add approx. 1 cm.
  • Mountain and Winter footwear approx. 1.5 cm.

Skiing boots

  • Nordic add approx. 1 cm.
  • Backcountry, A.T., Telemark, and Downhill add approx. 1.5 cm

    Note that this method is purely intended as a guideline.