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For without nature, we would not be.

We strive to cause as little harm as possible to the nature around us. Every year, we donate one percent of our annual revenue to the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation.

At Treeline Outdoors, we seek to inspire outdoor enthusiasts and to enable the safe and comfortable enjoyment of nature in any conditions. Our goal is to offer a selection of only the finest products that can withstand both heavy use and the test of time. We do not simply aim to sell products, but to impart our own passion for being in and amongst the mountains. It is important for us to share our professional skills, experiences, and passion with you, the customer.

Our store operates in a renovated barn in Kangasala, Finland. Here, we try our best to stay true to the environment. Our shop is heated by geothermal energy, we reuse as much packaging materials as possible, and always sort our own waste. We endeavour to live by the Leave No Trace adage; to leave only footprints. While we know that this is not possible, it is a goal worthy of pursuit to the best of our abilities.

Much like you, we climb, ski, paddle, bike, hike, and photograph - we are passionate about the exact activities we sell for. Our goal is not solely to make as much profit as possible, but to share our success for the greater good. For this reason, we have been cooperating with the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation since the founding of our company.

What are the values ​​we wish to represent?

Quality - We only sell top-quality products that we ourselves want to use and that we can trust. The products are often repairable, and worthy of it. In addition, we always strive to sell products at competitive prices.

Transparency - We want to be open and honest. Our business figures are up-to-date, publicly available, and fairly represented.

As an employer - At minimum, we adhere to the general employment rights of all workers in Finland. In comparison to the rest of the industry, we offer higher-than-average salaries and good employment benefits. We also understand that the mind of an outdoor store worker is usually in the mountains, so extra vacations can be easily arranged.

Cooperation - We have ongoing collaborative projects with several associations and companies. If you have an idea for a cooperation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sustainable development - The starting point for everything we do is to bring as little harm as possible to the planet. This is done by favoring products that are as durable as possible and produced from recycled materials. Many of the brands we represent have been pioneers in environmental matters for decades, and we too wish to take a leading role in this area.

Environment -To do our part, we donate a sizeable portion of profits to theFinnish Association for Nature Conservation, with the goal of protecting Finnish forests in particular. 

People -The products we sell are produced in safe and humane working conditions where workers are paid fair wages.