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Much like you, we are climbers, skiers, paddlers, bikers, hikers, and photographers - we share your passion for outdoor pursuits and wild places. For this reason, the starting point for everything we do is to bring as little harm as possible to the planet. 


When it comes to sustainability, less is more. Reducing consumption is one of the best ways we as individuals can make a positive impact. Here at Treeline, we do our utmost to choose products that are both functional and durable, as well as favor those products made from recycled materials. Furthermore, we hold each brand that we carry to high standards and view their products with a critical eye towards the environment. We do our best to buy, promote, and encourage brands that offer better environmental alternatives to their counterparts.Many of the brands we represent have been pioneers in environmental matters for decades. One example of our work was the significant role we had in the introduction of mountainFLOW eco wax, a biodegradable ski wax alternative, to the Finnish market.

Our store:

Our store operates in a renovated barn in Kangasala, Finland. Here, we try our best to stay true to our environmental mission. Our shop is heated by geothermal energy, and we always sort our own waste. In our cafe, we serve carbon-neutral coffee and prepare many of our baked goods in small batches to help minimize food waste. When the time comes for a product to leave our store, we promote and partner with transportation services that utilize less environmentally-harmful shipping methods. 


Since the founding of our company, we have been cooperating with the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation. Each year we donate 1% of our total revenue to them, to support their work of protecting Finnish forests.Additionally, we do our best to promote and encourage local adventures in natural spaces. Our staff is well-equipped with knowledge that will help members of our local community to make the most of their surroundings. We regularly host presentations and demo days, as well as collaborate with other companies, to encourage local explorations and appreciation of nearby nature. 


Here at Treeline Outdoors, we strive to cause as little harm as possible to the nature around us.Both in our lives and in our business, we attempt to live by the Leave No Trace adage; to leave only footprints. While we know that this is not possible, it is a goal worthy of pursuit to the best of our abilities. We will continue to do our part to ensure the future health of our planet.