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Treeline continues to serve you during these exceptional times - with an added emphasis on the health and safety of both our customers and staff.

Our goal is to assist you in enjoying your local nature, even in the midst of these unprecedented circumstances. We continue to serve customers during our normal business hours, both in the shop and online. Whether you make your purchases virtually or in-person, prices are the same, so be assured that you are getting the best gear at the best price. While we encourage all customers to primarily purchase products from our online store, you are still welcome to our shop, too.

Steps that we take to make business with us as safe as possible:

  • We have increased our efforts and strive to maintain a high level of cleanliness in our store. We disinfect checkout surfaces, e-commerce packaging tables, toilets, and payment terminals on a regular basis.
  • In direct customer service situations, we aim to keep more distance than normal between staff and customers.
  • Only staff who are completely healthy are allowed to work.
  • We do not organize or participate in any events or trainings during these times.
  • We work remotely whenever possible.

If you decide to visit us, we hope you will join us in the following safety precautions: 

  • Use a mask that covers your nose and mouth. Disposable masks are available for you in the store. Hands can be washed downstairs.
  • When visiting us, please keep a safe distance from other customers and staff, especially at the checkout area.
  • Our preferred in-person payment methods are credit and debit cards.
  • Consider online shopping. Online shopping is a completely contactless way to do business. During home delivery of products, the package is not handed over in the recipient's hand, but rather the deliverer sets the package in front of the door, and waits further back for the recipient to receive the package.
  • If you have any questions, concerns, or want to know more about the topic, please feel free to call or send us a message. 

Even during these trying times, let us seek joy in our favorite outdoor activities.

Adventurous regards,

Your friendly Treeline staff