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Who we are

Who We Are

Treeline Outdoors began as an idea born from our passion for hiking, climbing, and all things mountains. After hundreds of nights spent outdoors and a decade of professional experience working in the outdoor industry, our dream finally came to fruition under the roof of an old barn in Kangasala, Finland.  

We are a full-service outdoor retailer offering both in-store and online sales. Our selection consists of the brands and products that we have personally tested and found to be of the highest quality. All of our products emphasize not only performance, but also durability and sustainability. In these times, one can no longer think of the world as simply being disposable. We must learn to be sustainably-minded and make responsible purchases. Whether it is a jacket made out of recycled materials, or a sleeping bag that's life will span decades, let us help you make the right choice for your needs and the environment’s.

We believe in our products and are proud to stand behind them. The brands we represent share our ideals and create functional products built to withstand season after season of hard use. Welcome to our shop, we are happy you are here.

From Love to Adventure - Treeline Outdoors