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Ahkion vetoaisat

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Hyvä vetoaisa ahkiolle. Kun ahkion paino ylittää 60kg, kannattaa hankkia vahvempi versio näistä aisoista. Pituus: 210 cm (Taitettuna 120cm)

Solid pulk shaft produced in fibreglass and metal. The shaft can easily be folded together for comfortable transportation and storing. This shaft is the model following all our COMPLETE children- and touring, as well as plastic pulks.

The shaft is equiped with a twoways cushion-spring system which will make the pulk move smoother and can be used across all Fjellpulken pulks made for being pulled manually.

Fjellpulken Standard Shaft can also be used with plastic pulks and other pulk brands when buying the Fjellpulken Shaft Attachment kit for mounting on the potential pulk.