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Janus Pro Tupla Taljapyörä

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Janus Pro Tupla Taljapyörä on Isokokoinen tupla taljapyörä laakeroiinnilla, joka toimii jopa 16mm köysillä. Hyötysuhde 97%.
  • High strength, multifunctional double pulley
  • Sealed ball bearings for high efficiency (97%)
  • Aluminum alloy body and large sheaves, stainless steel axle
  • Prusik-minding
  • For ropes up to 16 mm


The Janus Pro is a high-strength, multifunctional double pulley with large sheaves for high efficiency haul systems. It uses the same design as the Janus with a main attachment hole that accommodates three carabiners, two secondary holes on the sides for positioning and a large lower becket hole, but features sealed ball bearings for higher efficiency and intensive use at higher speeds. Prusik knots can be installed on either side (aramid cord suggested).


422 g, 14.9 oz


ID: 2161
Max Breaking Load: 42 kN, 9442 LBF
Working Load Limit: 3 kN x 4 = 12 kN, 675 LBF x 4 = 2698 LBF