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Lom (Jotunheimen) 10064 Map

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Norway 1:50 000 series uses modern cartography, designed for active outdoor life. These maps are ideal for hiking and recreational use in the mountains, woods, along the coast and for hunting and fishing.
For professional organizations the maps provide knowledge of terrain and geography for planning and exercising. Printed on waterproof, strong paper, a perfect map for the trip in any weather.

This is a national map series at a scale of 1:50 000 suitable for short and long trips, consisting of 195 maps. Each map covers an area of 47x64 km, and it is 2 km overlap between map sheets. Borders with Sweden, Finland and Russia are well covered, where they naturally within the map frame.

Author: Statens Kartverk
Page Size: 140 x 260 mm
ISBN 10: 194010064X
ISBN 13: 7071940100641
Publisher: Nordeca As
Published Date: November 2011
Edition: 1st 01/11/2011
Binding: Waterproof map (folded)
Weight: 80g