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Maestrale XT

White / Black / Blue
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Scarpa MAESTRALE XT vapaalaskumonot ovat erinomainen yhdistelmä keveyttä ja jäykkyyttä. Samalla monolla touraa helposti ja mukavasti, eikä tarvitse jännittää käskeekö mono painavaamapaakin puusuksea vaivattomasti. Yhdistettynä leveämpiin suksiin ja tehokkaisiin siteisiin, saat näistä suksista parhaan hyödyn irti.
  • Plussat: Mukava ja tarkka kaikissa maasto- ja lumiolosuhteissa, jopa äärimmäisissä olosuhteissa.
  • Valmistettu Asolossa (Italia).
  • Jotta saat kaiken irti laskettelumonoistasi, suosittelemme monojen lämpömuovausta.
  • Paino: 1490g - Koko 27
  • SKU: 12050-501-1
  • Soljet: 3
  • Kiinnitys: Alpine Touring - TLT
  • Koot: 24,5-32½
WEB FRAME CARBON DESIGNThe sunburst design on the heel area allows the use of variable shell wall thickness to minimize weight while still offering high performance support and power.
BI-INJECTION GRILAMIDBi-injection expertise allows the use of high-performance materials like Grilamid® and Carbon Grilamid LFT® in the same piece. This process helps to create a shell that offers the incredible performance combination of stiffness and high torsional rigidity from heel to toe.
SPEED LOCK XTSpeed Lock XT, easy to unlock and lock, thanks to the lever with the integrated pull loop to make easy the use also with the gloves.
FRICTION FREE TECHNOLOGYThere isn’t any connecting rod between the shell and cuff, this allows a “friction free” movement during the walking phase.
MAGNESIUM BUCKLEThe buckle constructed in magnesium alloy is both strong and light. Its essential design offers an easy handling while wearing gloves.
BOOSTER STRAPDynamic elastic straps stretch, allowing you to cinch them super tight for an increase in performance. They also provides cushioning to keep your shins from bangin’ when you’re getting ultra-sendy, too.
WAVE CLOSURE SYSTEMThe Wave closure system, made exclusively for SCARPA, delivers two buckle closure strength security without the weight penalty.
THOR BUCKLEThe Thor buckle is constructed in magnesium alloy that is both strong and lightweight.
THOR RACK XTThor Rack XT made in aluminum with 5 teeth, this extended design improves the distribution of the closing pressure.
SAFETY STRAP ANCHORWhen using bindings without ski brakes, the Safety Strap Anchor allows you to easily leash your skis to your boots at all times, avoiding ski loss. Compatible with all known ski leashes that are available.
EXTENDED BUCKLE RACKThe last element of the rack plays an important role during the uphill: it efficiently locks the buckle, preventing any movement and guaranteeing optimum comfort during the walk.
XT SHAPEThe cuff has been slimmed down to enhance responsiveness and increase precision while skiing. The close contact of the cuff to the shin will immediately transmit impulses to the skis.
BI-INJECTION OVERLAP CUFFThis technology is specifically developed to increase downhill performance while maintaining agility for touring, walking and fitting.
ZEPPA XTThe zeppa located underfoot between the shell and the liner provides a more “alpine oriented” fit and feel to the boot. The specific shape and thickness modify the ramp angle of 2° forward compare to the Maestrale RS. This increases the precision of the boot and provides more immediate transmission of impulses to the skis.
PRO FLEX RIDEThermoformable liner made with Intuition Foam, featuring anatomic tongue construction with an elastic band on the instep. Specific thermoformable heel inserts lock the ankle in place during skiing or touring. Double pull loops facilitate fitting.