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Naiad Taljapyörä

Camp Naiad taljapyörä on isokokoinen taljapyörä, joka toimii jopa 16mm köysillä.
  • High-strength, multifunctional pulley
  • Self-lubricated brass bushings, efficiency 90%
  • Aluminum alloy body and large sheave, stainless steel axle
  • Prusik-minding
  • For ropes up to 16 mm

A high-strength, multifunctional pulley featuring a large sheave for high efficiency. The Naiad is ideal for high-load haul systems and complex operations. It features a main attachment hole that accommodates three carabiners, two secondary holes on the sides for positioning and a large lower becket hole. Self-lubricated brass bushings are perfect for light applications at low speed. Prusik knots can be installed on either side (aramid cord suggested).



280 g, 9.9 oz


ID: 2158
Max Breaking Load: 44 kN, 9892 LBF
Working Load Limit: 3.5 kN x 2 = 7 kN, 787 LBF x 2 = 1574 LBF