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Prisma Fluoro Carbon Tippet


Nano mono tippet material performs best when you need to use small flies with delicate presentation. It has superior knot strength and it is very easy to tie. It has more stretch than our other tippet materials so it acts also like a shock absorber, a great feature when using thin tippets. Because of this stretch you can use even thinner tippets than before as there are less sudden breakages.

Item Diameter Length Strength Item #
0X 0.28mm 50m 7.2kg / 15,9lb VOT0
1X 0.26mm 50m 6.7kg / 14.7lb VOT1
2X 0.24mm 50m 4.8kg / 10.6lb V0T2
3X 0.20mm 50m 3.7kg / 8.1lb V0T3
4X 0.17mm 50m 2.7kg / 6lb VOT4
5X 0.15mm 50m 2.3kg / 5lb VOT5
6X 0.13mm 50m 1.7kg / 3.8lb VOT6
7X 0.11mm 50m 1.5kg / 3.3lb VOT7
8X 0.09mm 50m 1.0kg / 2.2lb VOT8
0.30 0.30mm 50m 8.2kg / 18.1lb VOT30
0.33 0.33mm 50m 10.3kg / 22,7lb VOT33
0.36 0.36mm 50m 12.9kg / 28.4lb VOT36
0.40 0.40mm 50m 13.8kg / 30.4lb VOT40
0.43 0.43mm 30m 15.8kg / 34.8lb VOT43
0.47 0.47mm 30m 17.2kg / 37.9lb VOT47
0.52 0.52mm 30m 19.5kg / 43lb VOT52